The Institute for Financial Research and Analyses (IFRA) is an academic research entity whose mission is the development and propagation of financial knowledge and its transfer to business practice. Its range of activities include research studies in a wide array of financial-related subjects and publishing of the results both in Poland and abroad, stimulating the exchange of opinions and ideas in this field by organizing congresses, conferences, symposiums and academic seminars, undertaking educational initiatives aimed at increasing knowledge of financial phenomena and issues including the organization of trading, workshops, post-graduate studies, open lectures, etc., the design and implementation of business solutions facilitating enterprise financial management, and financial consulting for organizations of various types. The Institute staff are specialists with high qualifications, reflected by the academic titles and degrees which they have attained as well as by their wide range of practical experience including projects at the junction of academia and business.

Areas of particular interest include:

  • Public finance
  • Territorial local government finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial markets
  • Insurance

Research activities

Are you a scientist?  Institute for Financial Research and Analyses invites researches on financial area for collaboration in various projects.

IBAF also publishes  quarterly Fiancial Journal “e-Finanse" where You can submit your research papers or review articles. "e-Finanse" is indexed in many  repositories such as: CEJSH, EconLit, RePEc, Index Copernicus, Proquest, EBSCO, DOAJ. Considering the fact that this journal is on-line, its range is global and its appears in English.

Become our partner

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow has been participating in the ERASMUS programme since the year 2000, successfully realizing student and faculty exchange with partner institutions from different countries. We are interested in extending  international cooperation with other universities in the field of finance.

You are welcome to contact us if you wish to discuss the possibility of collaboration with the institute.

Public sector

Institute for Financial Research and Analyses  takes up and intensifies cooperation with public sector entities. Knowledge and experience leads to number of research and development studies projects, as well as scientific and commercial projects. Gained experience is successfully forged into practice. We have the potential to effectively provide consulting in the area of budget and non-budgetary economy, as well as in other dimensions forming units of the public sector. IBAF activity sector dedicates its focus on two areas covering consultancy and training. Each of these areas is tailored to the specifics of particular unit, which results in response to real needs.

Business cooperation

We offer a wide range of service- from consulting to a variety of expert opinions and analysis. We use innovative learning tools, including our financial Lab – the first professional simulator “ dealing room” in this section of Europe. Continuous development and extensive experience of experts in IBAF provides the opportunity to offer consulting services and trainings at the highest level as well as to undertake realization of the most complex projects.

For more information please contact us, Employees of IBAF will provide more detailed information as well as propose the best solution. We also invite you to read the section "Realized Projects" which we steered  by the Institute.

We invite you to read the information folder of the Institute.