Wojciech Misiąg

Wojciech Misiąg Ph.D., prof. UITM

General Director of the Institute for Financial Research and Analyses

Born in Kraków in 1951. Econometrician, a graduate of the School of Planning and Statistics (1974), Doctor of Economic Sciences (1984), since 2003 and prof. of University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, from 2011. Vice President of the Supreme Chamber of Control 2011-2013, actually adviser of the SCC President. Specializing in public finance, with particular emphasis  placed on problems  organization of  public sector, local government finance and budget planning.

The author and co-author of more than 130 works in the field of public finance and application of mathematics in economics, including more than 30 books.  Also the author of numerous expert opinions for the Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, other ministries and many local governments.  Took part in commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, development strategy for higher education, which is a joint venture between Ernst & Young and the Institute for Market Economics.

Worked at the School of Planning and Statistics (SGH) and the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management (now Kozminski University) in 1989-1994 as undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Finance, was responsible for the state budget and financial policies.

After leaving the Ministry of Finance, he began research work in the Institute of Market Economy Research, serving simultaneously as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PZU SA and later – as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PZU Zycie SA. In 1994-2003, he also worked as an advisor to the boards of Bank Slaski, Bank Handlowy and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. He was World Bank’s expert, until he started working in the SCC (in 2003) cooperating with the Office of Research of the Sejm.