Based on the budget project for 2013 IBAF prepared a guide for sub-Carpathian Marshal’s office on the projected budget for that year. Over 50 pages were analyzed and all legal issues were describes relating to the creation and implementation of self-government budget, also budget lines for 2013 for revenues and expenditures was presented to provincial governmental institution. Such method enabled accurate representation of the largest budgetary expenditure and to present the main projects from the budget Marshal's Office.

The financial framework strategy for socio-economic development of  Warmińsko-Mazurski region up to 2025

As part of the renovation strategy for the development of Warmińsko- Mazurski Region, IBAF prepared a financial framework together with calculations of the financial capacity of local government units and the answer to the question - how local governments will be able interpret  pro-development expenditures. The basis of the report was a survey conducted on the local region.

Other Projects