Together with the end of the academic year 2014/2015 was  ended  a series of workshops titled  "Careers in Banking" implemented by the Institute for  Financial Research and Analysis and the Department of Finance operating at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów (UITM) . It was a monthly meetings of representatives of the financial sector, the purpose of which was to familiarize students with the specificity of work in this sector of the economy. Jointly  was held 5 meetings, and their topics were focused on the following issues:"The role and tasks of NBP” (lecture held by the Director of the Rzeszow branch of the NBP),


  • "The role of Credit Office and the Association of Polish Banks in the banking sector"(lecture held by the representative of Association of Polish Banks), 
  • "The Polish banking sector -  development despite the crisis" (lecture led by the representative of the Commission of Financial Supervision), 
  • "Evaluation of the economic activities by the Bank. Financial analysis taking into accounts the main financial indicators and the construction of rating customers" (lecture held by the representative of BNP Paribas Bank Poland SA.) 
  • "New track in career (lecture held by the representative of Prudential).


The meetings  were attended by over 175 people. Meetings with the aforementioned representatives had the opportunity to draw the attention of students to the broadly understood issues of finance and interest them in pursuing a career in the banking sector. The advantage of this kind of initiatives is the fact that thanks to them, the students had the opportunity to learn a bit about financial "kitchen". The scheduled meetings were  an opportunity to ask questions and to explain any doubts related to the widely understood banking and finance. Participation in the meetings allowed the students to build financial awareness as well as to create their decisions related to the future professional career.

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